UI 44 Ordinaries with Up-To-The-Minute-Performance from Monday, 14 May 2018

UIO AnnouncementWe are putting together an effort to make UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries with an up-to-the-minute performance chart for making the index more pertinent to indicate sentiment of the Indian Market and more useful for its user.

This is the announcement from the UIO that UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries, from the family of UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries equity indexes, will become a minute-by-minute performing equity index and will be updated in every 1 minute with a 5 minutes delayed quote of stock prices trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). UI 44 will start pre-open trading at 09:05 am till 9:21 am and continuous trading will start from 9:22 am till 3:36 pm on market trading days. Final index closing value will be published after 4:05 pm. UNIDOW Advisory Services LLP, in for UNIDOW & Company, signed an agreement with CMOTS Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd for providing 5 minutes delayed stock price feed. UIO dashboard for index management and maintenance including front-end application for end users is developed by Sudhamrit Solutions Pvt Ltd. The new UI 44 webpage is developed on Node.js and AJAX for a seamless user experience to show effective performance of UI 44 on a real-time basis. Management and routine maintenance of the equity index will be managed through the UIO Dashboard, which is developed on PHP Framework.

The UI 44 Ordinaries with up-to-the-minute-performance is available in Beta at: ad.unidow.com/uni4af39

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